More golf! Less value for money this time.

Posted: July 2, 2016 in Holidays, Sports

Anothe round of golf today. This time at Bent Creek which is again just outside Jacksonville. Tee time was the same as Wednesday, 08:36. A good time to tee off we found, not too early as you feel tired but early enough that you finish to still have your afternoon free.

We were playing a threesome this time so no need to worry about randoms getting set up with us. No time card in the cart so no pressure from the course attendants either. This was shaping up to be a good round.

Played a few blinding holes to start with, knocking in bogies & doubles. This is good for me. Had a couple of poor holes on the way out but carded a 62, same as I came in with on Wednesday. Good stuff.

Started the back 9 pretty damn bad but brought it down by one shot per hole for the next 5 holes. The final couple of holes were bad, for all of us. We’re putting it down to being tired after 4+ hours in the heat, although it was cooler than Wednesday is was by no means cool. Given that this is Florida it’s a humid heat, clothes sticking to you etc. Lovely.

I came in on 66, more than I would have liked but still less than 70 that I went out on Wednesday. Overall I carded 128, 4 shots better than Wednesday. I am very happy with this. The course was not any easier, if anything it was harder as there was more water that came into play and the greens were in a horrid condition. Most of the greens had so much sand on them you’d be forgiven for thinking they were under repair and you’d landed on the wrong green. This made them very difficult to read and judge the pace which led to my putting, and to an extent my short game, being slightly worse than Wednesday.

I’m hoping to get another round, possibly 2, in next week to continue this momentum. Problem is Steve is back at work from Tuesday so it would have to be evening games, which is difficult to organise around dinner and putting a 1 year old to bed. Also means we might only get 9 holes in as it gets dark around 9pm here. As I’m typing this there is a lovely sunset happening and the light is not sufficient for golfing.

Even if I don’t get out for anymore rounds I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 this week and I will most definitely be continuing this when I get back home.


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